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Students should be spending their time revising, rather than wasting valuable time planning.
Revisio is the new exam revision tool to help GCSE students focus and prepare fully for their exams.

Quickly generate a comprehensive GCSE study plan with our easy set up process.

Monitor your progress on our dashboard so you know whether you're on track to achieve your target grades.

By being focused on your daily work in your study plan and saving time easily finding information, advance through your study plan towards your targets.

Created for...



To help them manage an overwhelming experience in preparing for GCSE exams.

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To help them support their children in preparing for exams.

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So they can easily assess, diagnose and monitor student exam preparation progress.

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Revisio can help

Revisio is a complete GCSE revision tool for planning and managing exam preparation.

  • Intuitive

    Our simple setup process makes it easy for schools and students to get going.

  • Stay on track

    Track your progress towards your goals with easy to understand summaries.


    With no software to install, Revisio is available to use on all of your devices with an Internet connection.

  • Focus

    Revisio's algorithms deliver students with a personalised list of tasks to be completed each day.

  • Resourceful

    Easily access all the resources you need within Revisio - direct links to exam board specifications, past papers and top quality resources from BBC Bitesize.


    Progress can be shared with teachers, tutors and parents creating a supportive network.